Shawn Rhoden Is Destroying His Weaknesses, Building Cobra Back For Olympia

Shawn Rhoden is coming for the title.

The Olympia is a little over seven weeks away and the competitors are bringining their training to the next level. Every division has their own dominant champion that rules their respective categories, yet most attention is given to the class that started it all: the open weight division. The division’s current king is Phil Heath, a man with such extraordinary genetics that it’s truly difficult to fathom who could defeat him. There’s the veteran Dexter Jackson waiting in the wings while Big Ramy is making a convincing argument of his own. But people are forgetting that there’s another top flight contender who could potential topple Heath at this year’s show and that man is Shawn Rhoden.

Always bringing his all to every competition, Shawn Rhoden has always been a fan favorite with the proportions and symmetry to defeat even the most massive of bodybuilders. While he may have come up short against Phil Heath a number of times, Shawn Rhoden has always had the type of character that lends itself well to growth, both physical and mental. After taking second at the 2016 Olympia, he didn’t rest on his laurels and instead investigated exactly what he needed to do in order to come in optimal condition.

Many have said that Shawn Rhoden’s back simply isn’t thick enough to contend with Phil Heath. Rather than simply chalk up his limitations to bad genetics, ‘Flexatron’ has decided to do something about it. The Instagram post below shows Shawn Rhoden working tirelessly in the gym to get his back even more massive.

What do you think of Shawn Rhoden and his endless resolve?

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