Shawn Rhoden Looking Incredible In Recent Progress Pic

Shawn Rhoden looks in amazing shape.

With the Olympia still several months away, the top contenders in the Open Weight division are still doing their best to prepare for the biggest show in the world. Seven time Olympia champion Phil Heath has had a firm stranglehold on the division and seems intent on making history as the third man to win eight straight Olympia competitions. But he still has some stiff competition, one of which is Shawn Rhoden.

While Shawn Rhoden may not have had the best placing in the 2017 show, the veteran bodybuilder is looking to right some wrongs as he heads into the 2018 competition. With renewed drive and dedication, Rhoden has been hard at work in the gym, but nothing could have prepared us for this new development.

In his recent Instagram post, Shawn Rhoden shows off his great conditioning, showcasing just how impressive his physique has become.

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” ― Colin Powell Don’t be afraid to drop your pants to your ankles and hit some poses whenever or whatever. You are a freakin bodybuilder. Toss your fear out the window, this is your profession and you are always getting looked at. Those white things though!!!! Don’t where white tights if you skip legs day. #quads #thebestisyettocome #bodybuilding #ifnotnowwhen #ifnotmethenwho #shawnrhoden #flexatron @flexatronrhoden @hummerusafitness @nebbia_fitness @flex_magazine @mrolympiallc @trifectasystem @metalshake_usa @therealtechnician @psychofitness21 @stanimal9 @instagram @ig_leanmuscles @instagrambodybuilding @schieksportsinc @shawnrhodenclassic

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Can Shawn Rhoden defeat the top five at the Olympia?

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