Generation IronWhat Does Flexatron need to be Mr. Olympia?

Shawn Rhoden is a very complete bodybuilder. His symmetry is unmatched and his definition is something to be marveled. At the 2014 Olympia competition, Rhoden came in third place behind both Kai Greene and the reigning champion Phil Heath. Even beating out fan favorite РDennis Wolf.  Shawn is on the cusp of greatness, yet so far out of reach. So what exactly does Mr. Rhoden need to triumph and become the Olympia champion? How can he break through that seemingly impenetrable wall that is Kai Green and Phil Heath?

More Size

For all his considerable mass, Shawn Rhoden isn’t a considerably large competitor in the open weight class. Outsized by Greene, Heath and even Dennis Wolf, Big Ramy, and Roelly Winklaar – Rhoden finds himself in a unique position. He has placed higher than the aforementioned athletes except for Greene and Heath. But it can’t be denied that gaining more size would more than likely help his bid.

Maintain Symmetry

While size should be one of Rhoden’s priorities, he shouldn’t forget to maintain his strengths. Shawn Rhoden has become synonymous with the word symmetry on the bodybuilding circuit. Though gaining more muscle and bulk is important, he has to remember what brought him to the show in the first place. If Rhoden can add size while maintaining his impressive definition he’ll become even more of a threat.


Greater Stage Presence

Having a great physique goes a long way in the sport of bodybuilding. ¬†After all, as the name would suggest, competitors are judged on the development of their bodies. But that’s not all. When you see a champion like Phil Heath and a hungry contender in Kai Greene, you realize how big a role personality plays in taking home the crown. Phil has an air of kingly command and fearsome energy. Kai has fluid motion and an artistic approach. Both are major staples of each man’s posing routines. Their personalities bring so much more to their routines that they become hard to ignore. Shawn does have personality, a hard working, blue collar type, humble and up for the challenge. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Sometimes you need more than work ethic to win over the judges. Having a marketable presence is key.


So what do you think it’ll take for Shawn Rhoden to surpass Kai and snatch the crown from Phil’s head? Do you think it is even possible? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay pumped.

Jonathan Salmon
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