Simeon Panda Trains With Young Bodybuilding and Soccer Phenom Tristyn Lee

Simeon Panda trains with Tristyn Lee!

Bodybuilding is no simple task. It takes a great deal of effort, concentration, and the right kind of training methods to bring about the desired results. Training as a youth can be somewhat of a confusing thing. You’ll hear many people state that Bodybuilding as a youth is something that should be avoided. In reality if done so correctly then training as a young person can bring about not only some amazing gains, but start them down the road of a successful fitness career.

This is the truth for Tristyn Lee.

One of the youngest bodybuilders taking social media by storm, Lee has built a very impressive physique at a very young age. His love and enthusiasm for bodybuilding has translated into a Supreme league well-conditioned physical form and he isn’t even in his prime yet. At 16 years old the sky is the limit for Tristyn Lee and his budding soccer career.

Tristyn Lee has built such an impressive physique that it has caught the attention of Simeon Panda, one of the most popular fitness models and body builders on social media today. In a recent Instagram post Simeon Panda train with Lee imparting some valuable words of wisdom. Click the image below to see a video clip of the two training together below.


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