Sony Issues Refunds Over WWE 2K20 Glitches

2K Sports has issued an apology over WWE 2K20.

Sony has been issuing refunds to disappointed fans after WWE 2K20 was criticized for being full of glitches. Pushsquare called it “an astoundingly buggy mess” to play on PS4, Kotaku described it as “Glitch Hell.” The game was released two days ago and received negative reviews from users and critics alike, who observed that the game’s graphics and physics seemed worse than when it was released for PS2 in 2011. Matt Fowler commented that while WWE 2K19 also represented “a downward trend for the series…2K20 doubles back, breaks its ankle, and tumbles down the slope.”

The glitches being documented have to do with virtually every aspect of the game and has been described by some as unplayable. Modes that were available in previous editions of the game were removed, and glitches with the figures themselves affect gameplay and allow users to edit the match rules while in the middle of a fight. Yuke, the longtime developer of the 2K franchise, parted ways with Sony earlier this year. 2K19 was their last title.

Even though this is a huge disappointment to fans, we hope you can at least get something out of how funny these videos are:

WWE Games published the following official statement on their Twitter this morning:

We are listening closely to the feedback that’s been shared regarding WWE 2K20 and are aware of the concerns some players are reporting. We’re working hard to investigate these concerns and address them as necessary. We expect to have an initial patch ready in the next two weeks, with others to follow. Stay tuned to WWEGames social media channels for more information.

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