Stack3d Supplement Reviews: Marc Lobliner Releases Protein Bar Years in the Making!

Stack3d supplement reviews this week feature Marc Lobliner’s new protein bar.

There have been a ton of new supplements to hit the market that consumers are going to love.

Combat Pre-Workout is MusclePharm’s everyday consumer pre-workout

MusclePharm has expanded its previously, protein only Combat product series into two other supplement categories. The brand has officially launched the pre-workout Combat Pre-Workout, and the full spectrum EAA formula Combat BCAA + Recovery.

warheads sour green apple ghost legend

Ghost announces Warheads Sour Green Apple for Ghost Legend

The original lifestyle supplement brand, Ghost, has announced its fifth Warheads flavor made in partnership with Warheads itself. The upcoming flavor is Warheads Sour Green Apple, and it’ll be launching in the brand’s pre-workout formula Ghost Legend.

Marc Lobliner is launching a protein bar two and a half years in the making

Marc Lobliner from Tiger Fitness and MTS Nutrition has confirmed that he’s launching a protein bar that’ll be under a brand name of its own. The product does sound like it’s going to be one to look out for as Lobliner has apparently been working on it for two and a half years.

driven sports crz

Driven Sports previews Crz, the brand’s OG performance fuel

Driven Sports is currently gearing up to release a pre-workout supplement called Crz, inspired by its original hit pre-workout Craze. The upcoming Crz is also separate from the other pre-workout Diven Sports has coming down the pipeline, Rize, which is intended to be a more aggressive stimulant formula.

C4 Ultimate Power is Cellucor’s combination of C4 Ultimate and P6

Cellucor has expanded its widely available and continuously grown C4 family of pre-workouts, introducing C4 Ultimate Power P6. The newest addition to the pre-workout series is a testosterone boosting pre-workout combining Cellucor’s powerful C4 Ultimate with its test booster P6.

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