Steroids In The Media: Legit Concern Or Scare Tactic?

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Is steroid use in bodybuilding giving the sport a bad wrap?

Steroids is a constant conversation in the realm of bodybuilding. We at Generation Iron understand that professional bodybuilders and educated amateurs keep track of what they put into their body. But there seems to be a stigma that plagues bodybuilding. The idea that all bodybuilders are reckless steroid users who will do anything to get massive. But that’s simply not the case. In order to compete in pro bodybuilding a competitor must be diligent about their diet and supplementation. They must be dedicated professionals.

So why all the negative stigma? What do detractors of bodybuilding hope to gain? Take a look at this video of former pro bodybuilder Justin Rys who is suffering from the affects of severe steroid abuse.

Is this video an accurate depiction of the world of bodybuilding or simply a scare tactic? To the uninitiated, those with little knowledge of bodybuilding, they could take this video to be a representation of all bodybuilders. But we know that’s simply not the case. As sad as the turn of events are, it’s obvious the Justin Rys was abusing all manner of anabolic drugs in hopes of gaining size. He abused drugs and as a result suffered the consequences.

Why is this the kind of video that gets massive shares and media attention when the world talks about bodybuilding? This sort of sensationalism is almost borderline exploitation of terrible real life tragedies that are being used to scare the masses. The truth is that steroids is probably not the sole thing directly responsible for Justin’s fate.

If a news story on the horrible abuse of steroids can be made then why not a story on the positives of bodybuilding? Why not an editorial piece on the legitimacy of the sport and how professional these athletes really are? Until bodybuilding has fair representation, the sport will continue to be scrutinized.

So what do you guys think? Is this news story hoping to bring about awareness of steroid abuse or is it just another scare tactic that hurts the image of bodybuilding? Let us know your opinion in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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