The great panty robbery.

STORYTIME WITH GREGG VALENTINO: SEASON 3 – Gregg is back with a weekly series showcasing the most insane bodybuilding stories ever told. This just might be his most insane, disgusting, and shocking stories ever told. Hold on tight. Storytime With Gregg airs every Friday.

Gregg Valentino’s stories often involve some sort of robbery, drugs or stealing. But this story might be his greatest caper yet. Not only does it have sex, drugs, and theft – it also has a zombie dog named Sampson. All in an effort to steal a family heirloom from a friend’s estranged brother – Gregg and two pals jump over a fence and break into a mansion… but things fall apart immediately into a cavalcade of debauchery and insanity. Just when you think it can’t get any crazier Gregg finds another story to make your jaw drop. Make sure to stick around until the end… there’s a good twist! Check out the full episode above!