Season 2 Finale tells one of Gregg’s most devastatingly detailed stories yet.

STORYTIME WITH GREGG VALENTINO: SEASON 2– Gregg is back with a weekly series showcasing the most insane bodybuilding stories ever told. If you thought that the first season was hilarious/disgusting/insane… you’re head might explode for what’s coming up.

Well it’s finally here – the Storytime With Gregg Valentino season finale! It’s been a long ride but we think this just might be Gregg’s best told story yet. After many episodes (in both season 1 and season 2) of how Julissa changed Gregg Valentino’s life… we finally get to hear the most shocking Julissa story of them all. The moment Gregg was told that the love of his life was dead.

It’s Gregg’s rawest moment ever. It’s devastating. But it’s also a loving and fitting tribute to a big part of Gregg’s life. Help pay tribute by watching the season finale above.

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