It might sound dark – but this kind of generosity still goes a long way.

STORYTIME WITH GREGG VALENTINO: SEASON 2– Gregg is back with a weekly series showcasing the most insane bodybuilding stories ever told. If you thought that the first season was hilarious/disgusting/insane… you’re head might explode for what’s coming up.

As we gear up towards the final episodes of Storytime With Gregg Valentino – the episodes keep getting darker and darker as we dig deeper into the heart and soul behind Gregg. Specifically his ongoing memories of the late Julissa. As per usual, Gregg gets himself involved with some people who have seen some very serious sh*t, but the light at the end of the tunnel and the generosity that ends this story is just in time for the holiday season.

It might be dark and filled with more drugs and heroin… but it is the tiny acts of kindness that go a long way. In a world as dangerous and crazy as Gregg Valentino’s – this is the kind of happy ending we are going to get.