Strength and Beauty: Cydney Gillon is a True Inspiration for Women’s Bodybuilding

Cyd Gillon is a true inspiration.

Picking up another big win at this past weekends Arnold Sports Festival, Cydney (Cyd) Gillon is proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the Figure division. After a repeat win at the 2018 Olympia, is clear to all the competitors involved that Cyd Gillon is here to stay.

Cyd Gillon certainly has all the makings of a champion you can’t help but root for. Her positive attitude and genuine, infectious smile only adds to her character. But what we can see from Cyd Gillon is not only a pleasant demeanor on the surface, but also a true passion for inspiring others.

Before she was winning Figure competitions, Cyd Gillon was just your average girl looking to improve upon her physique. Now that she has reached new heights in her career, we see a woman looking to show others that their dreams are never too out of reach to be achieved. The post below demonstrates that fact beautifully.


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*** Transformation Tuesday *** When you know better, you do better. Left: My 1st Figure International (2015) – 9th Place No carbs for 2 months INCLUDING stage time and hours of cardio. This method led to 3 month food babies post show??‍♀️? 4 years later Right: Figure International 2019 (1st Place) All the foods, carbs and wayyyyy less cardio. Now this method led to the ability to maintain my physique year round. Find the method that works for you. ?? It’s important to remember your nutrition is a key factor in the changes you will be able to see in your body. Test out new methods and foods and find the sweet spot that you can maintain ? #allthefood #grindincylence #transformationtuesday #fitnessgoals #allaction

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Cyd Gillon has an ultimate goal of self-improvement, both inside and outside. She’s looking to transform herself not only into a champion, but into a confident, secure, and mentally strong woman.

Do you like Cyd Gillon and her message of self-improvement?

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Jonathan Salmon
Managing editor of Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. He has been writing about bodybuilding, combat sports, and strength sports for over 8 years. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.