‘Strength Wars: The Movie’ Clip – Anabolic Horse Vs Terron Beckham

Strength Wars: The Movie – A neck and neck battle between two vastly different athletes.

Strength Wars: The Movie is officially available on digital. You can order the film today right here. In this clip, Anabolic Horse battles against football athlete Terron Beckham. Both athletes vary widely in training discipline but the competition is close as these two swing back and forth for victory.

Strength Wars: The Movie released on April 16, 2020 and quickly became one of the top sports films on digital in the United States. That’s thanks in large part to the elite cast of athletes who agreed to compete in one of the most grueling strength competitions currently in action.

You can currently watch the film on all major digital platforms. But if you haven’t had a chance to see the film – we have a brand new exclusive clip to give you a look at just how intense the battles become.

In this clip, Strength Wars veteran Anabolic Horse squares off against Terron Beckham. Anabolic Horse describes himself as a powerbuilder while Beckham is a former football player and still maintains that style of training. Looking at both of their physiques and training disciplines – the two couldn’t be farther apart. But both are masters in their respective field.

Check out Anabolic Horse vs Terron Beckham in this Strength Wars: The Movie clip above!

This is exactly where the excitement of Strength Wars comes into play. Two totally different training methods battling in a course designed to put them both to the test. Which will win out in the end? Powerbuilding or Football athletics? We won’t ruin that here – you’ll have to watch the movie for that.

But what you can see is that the battle is truly neck and neck. This clip showcases only one section of the course – but the two swerve back and forth for the lead. With each passing rep and each new section of the course – endurance fads. Who will outlast the other for ultimate victory?

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      The film will also dive deep into the lives of each competitor across the globe as they train and prepare for the Strength Wars tournament.

Strength Wars: The Movie is available now on digital. You click here or the banner below to order today.

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