‘Strength Wars: The Movie’ Clip – Larry Wheels Vs NDO Champ

Strength Wars: The Movie – NDO Champ gains the lead on Larry Wheels… but can he hold it?

Strength Wars: The Movie is officially available on digital. You can order the film today right here. In this clip, Larry Wheels falls behind in his battle against NDO Champ but finally picks up some steam. Is NDO able to hold the lead through to victory?

Strength Wars’ number one priority has always been to find the most elite athletes in the world and pit them against each other in a highly entertaining battle. In the film, we take that priority to the next level for the biggest battle in the history of the series. Eight of the greatest athletes in the world across multiple strength disciplines all battle for best of all time.

One of the most hyped entrants going into Strength Wars: The Movie was Larry Wheels. Known for his incredible strength and viral lifts, Larry was an obvious choice to enter the Strength Wars arena. With a mix of old and new faces to the competition – would he stand tall above the rest?

Our featured clip this week highlights one of Larry Wheels’ battles. In this round, he’s going against NDO Champ. A bodybuilder known for his unstoppable hardcore energy as well as his strength. Would he pose a threat to the non-stop train that is Larry Wheels?

It seems so at first. Right out of the gate, NDO blows ahead of Larry and jumps right into the second exercise of the battle. This is where our clip picks up. Larry is multiple reps behind as NDO begins powering through his weighted dips.

Check out the latest Strength Wars: The Movie clip above!

Then something shocking happens. NDO hits a wall. Suddenly, neck and neck, Larry Wheels preps himself on the rack and powers through his weighted dips. In an instant, any lead that NDO had started diminishing. What has become a struggle for NDO seems like a breeze for Larry.

The gap fills closer and closer until Larry pulls ahead and completes the set. With two other exercises remaining in the battle – anything can happen. But this dramatic back and forth is exactly what makes Strength Wars one of the most entertaining competition events in strength sports.

We won’t spoil the ending of the battle here. Instead you can watch the entire tournament unfold in Strength Wars: The Movie. Now on digital. Who will stand tall as the ultimate champion of the tournament and best in the world? The battle has already finished. All you need to do now is watch it unfold.

Strength Wars: The Movie is available now on digital. You click here or the banner below to order today.

Strength Wars Movie

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