Strength Wars: The Movie battle preview: Leonidas battles Big Neechi.

Strength Wars: The Movie is officially available on digital. You can order the film today right here. In this clip, Strength Wars veteran Leonidas squares off against Big Neechi in this preliminary round battle.

Strength Wars: The Movie goes bigger in every single way. That means not only a massive tournament over three days but also a deeper look into the lives and training of each competitor leading up to the battle. Many of these athletes have never competed in Strength Wars before. So understanding who they are, their impressive accomplishments, and why they qualified as one of the strongest in the world for this battle is vital to the stakes of the competition.

That being said, the battles are still front and center in this film. The tournament features seven battles in total all shown in full within the movie. That means an entire mini season of the show in one epic viewing session. It’s also featuring the next tier of strength – bringing in some of the most accomplished lifters in the world.

Most excitingly, we have a true wide variety of lifting styles ranging from powerlifting, strongman, powerbuilding, bodybuilding, and calisthenics. What weightlifting style will ultimately reign supreme? The world will find out on April 16.

Until then, you can check out another preview battle from one of the preliminary rounds of the tournament. This battle squares-off Leonidas vs Big Neechi. A Strength Wars competition veteran versus a newcomer. Who will win? We can’t spoil the ending of the battle here. But it’s quite a close call. By the end of the clip, it’s anyone’s chance for victory.

And this battle is just the first round of a three day tournament. With each passing victory – there is less rest to prepare for the next battle. This is a new element that not even the most experienced of Strength Wars competitors have contended with. How will this alter the favorites to win? We’ll all know soon enough.

Strength Wars: The Movie is available now on digital. You click here or the banner below to order today.

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