‘Strength Wars: The Movie’ Clip – Larry Wheels Faces A Medical Emergency

Larry Wheels faces a medical emergency that might risk losing him a chance at the Strength Wars champion title.

Strength Wars: The Movie is officially available now on digital. You can order the film today right here. In this clip, Larry Wheels starts feeling worrying symptoms after going all out in battle – requiring emergency medical attention. And also risking Larry having to drop out of the competition.

Make no mistake about it. Strength Wars is a grueling competition that pushes athletes in ways that not many sports have done before. While there are many other strength based sports such as Strongman or powerlifting – none combine all of the elements together like Strength Wars.

A mixture of extreme heavy lifting and marathon race endurance combine for something not quite like anything else in existence. This is something that many of the competitors need to keep in mind going into a battle. For Strength Wars: The Movie – many of the competitors have never competed in such a way. This could put them at a mental disadvantage… or worse a physical disadvantage.

Larry Wheels is a bodybuilder and powerlifter who is no stranger to taking risks. His viral lifts often show him pushing limits that are shocking and could lead to potential injury. This would give Larry good reason to be confident going into Strength Wars. But as you’re about to see in this preview clip – even the strongest might not be ready for what Strength Wars has in store.

Watch the exclusive clip from Strength Wars: The Movie above!

For many, Larry Wheels is the fan favorite to go the distance in Strength Wars: The Movie. But he just might fall short of that victory due to some worrying symptoms after competing in one of the battles. As you can see from the clip above, Larry Wheels suddenly suffers from trouble breathing for well over twenty minutes. The symptoms persist for so long that an ambulance has to be called – bringing a temporary halt to the entire tournament competition.

Obviously, the situation is not life or death as we’ve all seen Larry alive and well on social media. But with the tournament on a strict schedule, will he be able to continue to compete? We won’t spoil it here. You can find out how it all plays out on April 16 when Strength Wars: The Movie releases on digital.

Strength Wars: The Movie also features Blaine Sumner, Terron Beckham, Leonidas Arkona, Anabolic Horse, Jerry Pritchett, NDO Champ, and Big Neechi. All vying for the number one spot and a claim to strongest Strength Wars champion of all time.

Strength Wars: The Movie is available now on digital. You click here or the banner below to order today.

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