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Ilya Ilyin is only getting stronger.

Many of you have come to this website to either hear about the new bodybuilding news, check out entertaining videos related to the muscle building business, or to shake up your boring day with the endeavor that inspires them to hit the gym and hit the gym hard. But bodybuilding shouldn’t be the only reason that inspires you to conduct your training. No matter how you slice it, this game is all about strength. That means strength athletes should be given the same respect and credence as the top bodybuilders in the world. Why? Because as a weightlifter you should endeavor to train for more than just an aesthetic physique. You should be training for strength as well.

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There are many different methods for building strength. A lifter concerned purely with growing strength and power may be more enticed to do powerlifting than anything else. But if your looking for strength, form, and precision, then you’re likely to be more interested in Olympic lifting. The sport requires a tremendous amount of dedication and focus. Sure, an Olympic lifter may not have the best of physiques, but they have powerful bodies and the ability to lift a tremendous amount of weight over their heads.

One such individual that is sure to inspire any strength athlete is Olympic gold medalist Ilya Ilyin. He has shown his prowess as a lifter for quite some time now and continues to be a major influence. But just when you think Ilyin has reached the pinnacle of his power and strength he breaks a new personal record and proves that he has tons left in the tank. He’s the strongest Olympic lifter out there and his passion as well as training proves that he has the drive and passion to continue to strive for greatness. Check out his incredible 2015  training and competitive campaign and get inspired to lift for strength.

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