Strongman Competitors Brian Shaw and Robert Oberst Takeover Planet Fitness

Brian Shaw and Robert Oberst aren’t ready for Planet Fitness.

When we think of hardcore gyms names like Westside Barbell, Metro Flex, and Gold’s Gym often come to mind. They are the homes of the some of the strongest humans to walk the Earth. To train at one these staples means you’re serious about your strength training.

When you hear the name Planet Fitness however…very much less so.

Planet Fitness is a franchise gym that isn’t known for it’s hardcore atmosphere. The exact opposite in fact. Planet Fitness is the epitome of an anti-hardcore gym. Dropping weights on the flow, grunting too loud, and even carrying a gallon of water could get you jettisoned for the establishment.

Strongman competitors Brian Shaw and Robert Oberst decided “hey, why not train at one of the most hardcore gyms in the world, Planet Fitness.” Needless to say, hijinks ensue.

To see the full video click the link here.

What do you think of Brian Shaw and Robert Oberst taking over Planet Fitness?

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