No deadlifts?

According to strongman Robert Oberst it’s not something that should be in your repertoire. While the deadlift may be a staple of strength exercises, the benefits aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Deadlifts as an exercise may yield great strength gains but is the juice really worth the squeeze? If we’re to believe Robert Oberst, a staple in the strength community, the deadlift is a movement that simply isn’t worth the risk unless you’re competing in powerlifting.

Why you might ask?

Deadlifting can certainly be a daunting proposition. Hefting a ton of weight off the ground in a show of explosive strength can certainly yield great benefits. The only problem is that the risk of injury is so high. Failing to perform the movement with tight and clean technique can mean severe damage to your back, hamstrings, and other major body parts.

Recently appearing on the Joe Rogan experience, Robert Oberst discussed his experience as a strongman as well as his reasoning to support the notion that deadlifts should be put on the shelf for good.

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