Generation Iron Strongman Pulls House

This brings moving to a whole new level.

Bodybuilding competitions are always exciting to watch – but sometimes you just can’t beat the pure insanity of a strongman competition. Especially when it comes down to world records. That’s where strongman Elbrus Nigmatullin comes in. The great thing about strongmen is that lift random things beyond just weights. Some lift tires, stones, barrels, even cars. But Elbrus just blew everyone out of the water by pulling an entire two story house.  A 30 ton wooden house over 10 feet of track – if you want to be specific. The best part? There’s video. Check it out:

Elbrus starts off with a quick warm up squatting six tires – no big deal. You have to get that blood pumping somehow before attempting to move an object that people are supposed to live in. Did we forget to mention that the house was fully furnished? Forget packing up a truck and hiring movers – Elbrus can just take your old house wherever you want to go. Here’s what he had to say about breaking the world record:

“When I first approached this house, I was only 30 percent sure that I could make something happen. But when the eyes are afraid, the legs keep on going,” Nigmatullin said after becoming the first person in the world to move a standing country cottage.

– Elbrus speaking with the Russian Times.

So what’s next for Elrbus? We hope that he’s already gearing up to the next level. Forget wooden houses – we want to see him move a brick house next.

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