Sunil Singh has entered his first reign as the defending WWE 24/7 champion.

Sunil Singh pinned reigning champion R-Truth backstage at a Raw event Monday, officially winning the 24/7 title belt. This is Sunil’s first WWE win and a surprising upset against veteran wrestler R-Truth. R-Truth, who has held the 24/7 title an impressive 20 times, the highest of any performer, was taken by surprise when Sunil confronted him trying to sneak out with the belt and lost the fight. Check out the above video from the WWE channel to see how it all played out.

Sunil, alongside his brother Samir, is one half of the WWE tag team The Singh Brothers — though you might know them better by the pre-debut name, The Bollywood Boyz. They caught the attention of the WWE in 2016 after competing in Tony Condello’s famously hellish “death tour” of Canada, a grueling three-week outdoor competition that occurs at the peak of winter in the northern territories. They were later signed to Raw as part of the 2018 Superstar Shakeup draft. Before joining the WWE, their biggest claim to fame was reaching the semifinals in the 2012 Ring Ka King Tag Team Championships in Pune, India. This is the first WWE win for either of them.

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