Superhuman Strength! This 900 Lbs Raw Squat is Absolutely Insane!

An impressive feat of strength.

Developing raw strength and power is a skill that requires a great deal of patience. You can’t simply step into a gym and think you’ll transform into the Hulk after a few sessions of training. It takes a great deal of hours devoted to building strength the right way in order to see some solid results.

Just like bodybuilding, strength training means executing a set number of sets and reps in order to gradually build muscle, endurance, and explosive power. When a lifter reaches that insane threshold of superhuman strength, it truly becomes something to behold.

In the case of Andrew Hause, the young 20 year old has already proven himself to be an absolute beast as far as powerlifting is concerned. Much like the young lifter Larry Wheels, Andrew Hause has both youth and insane work ethic on his side to allow him to perform some pretty insane lifts.

Just recent the 20 year old smashed one of his personal records as he displayed some truly impressive strength with a 900 Lbs raw squat. It’s the kind of thing you expect to see Captain America pull off on the big screen rather than in a powerlifter gym. Through it all, Andrew Hause hefts the weight with great composure and undaunted determination.

What do you think of this insane feat of strength?

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