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Depending on the geography, freedoms aren’t all that free.

There’s been a lot of talk this past year about the new steroid ban that has hit in the USA. 25 new substances are now considered steroids with a lot of new provisions that make it easier to ban certain products – this is pissing a lot of bodybuilders off because it might effect supplements. We can’t exactly say how hard this will effect the business as things move forward – but let’s take a look of what can happen when things get taken too far.

For instance, what the hell is going on in Sweden? If you haven’t heard the story of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Toney Freeman being arrested in Sweden, then be prepared for some shocking revelations. Apparently Swedish police have free reign to profile individuals based on their physical appearance and arrest them on suspicion of being on steroids. That just doesn’t sound right.

Maybe it’s because of the influence on American culture that it seems pretty damn unjust to profile individuals just based purely on their physical attributes alone. There’s tons of guys who are all natural bodybuilders who refrain from taking supplements and have freaky size and definition. Does that mean that every man that fits the bill should automatically be profiled and arrested? America may not be killing it where the war on drugs is concerned, but the idea that a person can be put in jail based purely on their looks alone is a pretty damn scary thought to take under consideration (Then again, with the recent Ferguson tragedy that has hit the US – we’re not shining examples either. But we’re not going to touch that one).

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Toney Freeman turned Toney “jailed-man” when he visited Sweden back in 2010. He was targeted by Swedish police no doubt because of his status as a professional bodybuilder and was picked up by police while making a promotional appearance at a local store. If his case wasn’t enough, there’s the case of Joras Tornros. Tornros was said to be enjoying a peaceful dinner when his waitress became alarmed by his massive size, particularly his large forearms.

Police were called, an undercover officer dispatched and laid in wait at the restroom until he could make his move. When Tornros went to use the bathroom, the undercover cop somehow managed to get a urine sample, return to the station to test its content which showed a slightly above average testosterone content. Based on that the police arrested Tornros! Now not to sound like a bleeding heart, but that’s pretty harsh and pretty damn drastic just to bust someone with a slightly above average testosterone level. Who wants to wake up in a jail cell just because you’re lifting some heavy weight?

There’s no doubt that Sweden’s police are trying to deal with a sensitive situation in steroids, but what are you sacrificing when you condone this kind of profiling? Much the same as racial profiling, muscle profiling is a ridiculous notion and will only end up hurting more than it helps. Civil liberties truly are a gift.

In short, if you’re taking bodybuilding seriously, have a ripped and massive form and have a propensity for travel, then you better stay clear of Sweden. You’re very likely to find yourself locked up in no time. We may be having an issue with Pro Hormones and the government right now – but at least we can still continue doing what we love, lifting weights and competing, without being thrown into jail.

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