Opinion: Why Taking or Selling Steroids is Absolutely Insane

Is taking or making money from steroids really worth it?

So there you are, an athlete on the rise looking to make a big splash in your chosen sport. You have high hopes and dreams for the future, the big house, the shiny cars, the legions of fans chanting your name like loyal subjects should. You’re looking to be the king or queen of your realm and you should be respected and revered as such, right?

Only problem is that you’re not exactly genetically gifted. Sure, you have athletic talent, some great ability maybe, but ultimately you weren’t born with the kind of genetics that create the LeBron James’, the Phil Heath’s, the Serena Williams’, the Anthony Joshua’s of the world. You think in your mind that there’s only one way to rectify that, one way to turn the odds in your favor.


You look to outside sources to give you that little bump up in ability. It may be the edge that you need to ensure that the masses understand your greatness, that history remembers your name with reverence and pride. There’s only one problem though. By the end of it all you’re left a husk of your former self. Your testosterone levels plummet if you’re a man. Your estrogen levels wave goodbye if you’re a female. Essentially the process reverses once you stop taking the stuff (unless you’ve taking some inhibitors of course). Even worse, you begin to take on attributes of the opposite sex, something you didn’t plan on when you were dreaming of all those crowds of loyal followers chanting your name.

Now, let’s consider for a moment the people who sell steroids in the first place. Why, you’d think they’d be much better off, considering they’re not taking the stuff themselves, right? Well, a recent news report about two trainers and their supplier selling steroids shows that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Trainers Donald McCloud Long and Sarah Long were just your average trainers looking to prepare clients for bodybuilding competitions. While the S word is somewhat of a touchy subject in the bodybuilding community, the reality is that many competitors are on the stuff, it simply can’t be denied. If cyclists have been busted for it, it should come as no surprise that a hulking behemoth has dabbled in a little bit of anabolics from time to time.

Donald and Sarah made steroids a cornerstone of their training program, encouraging their clients to use them and showing them exactly how and in what dosage. Too bad for Mr. and Mrs. Long that selling steroids is a federal offense. While Donald Long was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison, his wife Sarah received 42 months probation as well as one year under house confinement. Their distributor, Allen Baker, received a harsher sentence of 3 years in federal lock up.

So, what exactly can we glean from this cautionary tale? What are the lessons to be learned of both taking and distributing anabolic steroids? If you ask me the answer is pretty simple.

It’s not worth it.

While you may have a chance to become the greatest by taking the stuff (not getting caught in the process of course), or you may become rich from selling the product (again, not getting caught of course), the risk versus reward factor simply isn’t worth the trouble. Then again, there are so many that are willing to risk everything just for a little taste of glory, to have their lives mean something, to be considered the best at what they do. As enticing as all that may sound, I think sticking to the natural route is the way to go. Life can be stressful enough as it is without having to worry about taking inhibitors.

Agree or disagree?

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