Talking Huge With Craig Golias | EP 12: Which Celebrity Should Become A Bodybuilder?

Craig Golias answers: Which celebrity would be the most entertaining to transform into a bodybuilder?

Welcome to another episode of Talking Huge – a weekly digital series in which Craig Golias talks in-depth with Vlad Yudin on the latest trending topics in bodybuilding. Raw, honest, and uncut – Craig Golias shares his opinions on all things bodybuilding. In this episode, Craig Golias muses about celebrities becoming bodybuilders, shares tips on drop sets, and the artistry of social media collabs.

This past week saw a big celebrity boxing match in the form of Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley. It was yet another exhibition match of many where an influencer or celebrity turns to the boxing ring for a big pay day. While Craig Golias did not see the fight – he did hear that there were claims the fight was fixed. It also caused him to ask the question – what if celebrities tried to become bodybuilders the same way they are training to become boxers? Craig and Vlad discuss this plus many more topics including the best tactics for drop sets, how much water should a bodybuilder drink, and his favorite genre of movies to watch. Let’s jump into it.

Which celebrity would be the most entertaining bodybuilding transformation?

Craig Golias points out that many celebrity figures have tried or trained to become boxers. While Jake and Logan Paul are two of the most recent (and successful) influencers to make this attempt – it’s not exactly a new concept. As early as the 80s there have been stunt boxing matches where an actor jumps into the ring to box a few rounds. The difference between then and today – is that the celebrities seem to be taking it very seriously.

This line of thinking brought up an interesting thought to Craig Golias – what if a celebrity seriously attempted to become a bodybuilder? Vlad Yudin agrees that the attempt would be very fascinating – and might even make a good reality show. Craig jokes that he would love to see Owen Wilson become a mass monster.

The best tactics for drop set training

Craig Golias and Vlad Yudin also discuss drop set training. Drop set training is an advanced technique that bodybuilders often use. It’s when the lifter focuses on completing a set until failure. Then, the lifter lightens the load (typically 10-30%) with no rest in between sets.

But when is the best time to use drop sets? Should all bodybuilders use this technique with every workout? Or does this lead to over-exhaustion? Craig Golias breaks down his tactics for using drop sets.

Typically, Craig’s advice is to use drop sets on weak and lagging body parts. Craig claims that bodybuilders should – “destroy the body part that is weak.” Ultimately, drop sets are the best way to help bring up lagging body parts and complete the evolution of your physique.

Wrap Up

There are far more topics discussed in this episode than we can cover in this article. Craig Golias also talks about the importance of hydration (and how much water a bodybuilder should drink daily), his latest social media collab with a boy who has a strangely large neck, and also his favorite genre of movies – including the Human Centipede francise. You can check it all out in the latest episode of Talking Huge above! Make sure to check out Talking Huge every week on Friday – only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network!

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