Generation Iron, Victor Martinez ChampionshipsOur predictions for the Tampa Pro Men’s and Women’s bodybuilding.

As we speak right now the 2014 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships are moving full steam ahead. By the end of the weekend we will know the winners of the IFBB finalists and know who will be moving on the Mr. Olympia competition.

But we are too excited to wait a whole 48 hours to find out the results – So we here at Generation Iron decided to play a little game of chance and predict who we think will win in the men’s and women’s bodybuilding categories.

Men’s Bodybuilding: Victor Martinez

Generation Iron, Victor Martinez Tampa ProPhoto courtesy of Awesome-Body.

Okay, so maybe we are a little biased on this one and yes, he did place 4th at the Arnold Classic. But that was over half a year ago and there’s just something about good old Vic that gives us hope that he’ll take the #1 spot in his category. Bodybuilding.com has ranked him #14 on the top 100 IFBB pro rankings, which isn’t something to scoff at. He’s looking tight, huge, and hungry to rise up and take the top spot in the competition.

Women’s Bodybuilding: Sheila Bleck 

Generation Iron, Sheila Bleck Tampa ProPhoto courtesy of Girls With Muscle.

Simply put, Sheila is a beast and nothing is going to stand in her way from powering to the top spot. She placed 2nd at last years Tampa Pro, just missing the gold. Now she’s back and I don’t know about you but there’s no better motivation to grab #1 than just missing it the year before. This is the perfect time for Sheila to get the justification she deserves – and we can’t wait to see her pull it off.


So do you guys think we made good picks or are we way off the money? Think you have a better pick than us? Let us know in the comments section below. You can always shout out to us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

In just a few short days we’ll know the ultimate winners and then on to the Mr. Olympia competition -which is only a 41 days away. Definitely stay pumped.

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