Generation Iron Tampa Pro 2014 BodybuildingA list of champions from the Tampa Pro.

The 2014 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships have come and gone. It sure went by fast, we can’t believe it’s already Sunday and the whole thing is over! Every athlete competed valiantly, but in the end someone has to rise up as the winner – and while we don’t mean to brag, our two predictions for the championships turned out to be spot on. Sheila Bleck and Victor Martinez both took top spots in their respective division. So we’re making rounds in the office and collecting our cash from the naysayers who thought it was wise to bet against us! Maybe next time fellas.

We’re also extremely proud of both Victor Martinez and Hidetada Yamagishi for grabbing the #1 spot in Men’s Bodybuilding and the 212. They both looked really big and tight up there and deserved to take the gold. We can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes them.

But you came here for results, so without further adieu – here is the Tampa Pro 2014 finals report:

Men’s Bodybuilding (Open)

1st: Victor Martinez
2nd: William Bonac
3rd: Mohammad Bannout

Men’s Bodybuilding (212)

1st: Hidetada Yamagishi
2nd: Marvin Ward
3rd: Tricky Jackson

Men’s Physique

1st: Sadik Hadzovic
2nd: Anton Antipov
3rd: Tristan Murray

Women’s Bodybuilding

1st: Sheila Bleck
2nd: Jennifer Sedia
3rd: Monique Jones

Women’s Physique

1st: Heather grace
2nd: Karina Nascimento
3rd: Jillian Reville


1st: Bethany Cisternino
2nd: Darrian Tissenbaum
3rd: Kristine Duba


1st: India Paulino
2nd: Bianca Berry
3rd: Noemi Olah

You can head on over to NPC News Online to find the full report on the Tampa Pro 2014 including score cards and a full list of the bodybuilder rankings. As always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know with upcoming events and contest coverage!


Photo courtesy of Flex Online.

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