Tavi Castro Shows Off Insanely Shredded Physique Ahead of Next Competition

Tavi Castro looks to be in top form for his first competition in 8 years.

Getting into supreme bodybuilding condition requires a great deal of determination, grit, patience, and diligence to the craft. It isn’t enough to just lift weight and hope for the best. It takes some in-depth strategy and adherence to your overall goal to get things done.

At the top levels of competitive bodybuilding it requires that the athletes focus remains completely on the task at hand and they must push themselves to gain glory. It’s the kind of mentality Tavi Castro is bringing into his next show.

His first show in 8 years, Tavi Castro is just three weeks out and is looking to completely dominate the field. His hard work is appearing to pay off as you can see in his latest Instagram post.

It’s clear to anyone with eyes, Tavi Castro has reached a whole new level of jaccked and shredded. How do you think Tavi Castro will do in his first competition in 8 years?

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Header image courtesy of Instagram



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