Taylor Atwood Deadlifts 770 lbs/350 kg, Nearly Five Times His Weight, For New PR

If you’ve been looking for inspiration lately about how you can make more serious gains, look no further than powerlifter Taylor Atwood.

Like many fitness-minded individuals during quarantine, Taylor Atwood has taken to Instagram to share his most recent gym accomplishments with the world. For you and I that might mean a selfie with a shake over breakfast, but pretty much everything this six-time USA powerlifting champion does is extreme in the most ripped way. Check out the post in full below to watch Taylor Atwood deadlift a monstrous 770 lbs (350 kg)!


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770lb/349.2kg…Some will say fake weights… #TheStrengthGuys #SBDApparel #BetterThanYesterday

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Some fans were skeptical that Atwood could pull off such an intense lift. “Four days out from a huge meet?” One fan questioned, suggesting that Atwood could not possibly be in good enough shape to be lifting at that level after recently exerting himself at a meet. However, it wouldn’t surprise us if Atwood’s accomplishments were legitimate — he is one of the greatest currently living and practicing powerlifting.

In this post, Atwood breaks it down for fans how he pulled off the incredible lift. “Started with 675 lbs,” he captioned the post. “Then went to 725 lbs and it flew. Said to myself, screw it, let’s go.” After that he tried out for the massive 770 lbs deadlift you saw him execute above.

This is a great amount of gym inspo to get your day going. You can really see Atwood pushing himself in this video and he has the mentality of a true champion. He tried 675 lbs, and when that worked, rather than being satisfied with his progress he pushed harder and set the bar higher. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with that mindset.

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