Terrence Ruffin Showcases Impressive Posing At Toronto Pro

Terrence Ruffin looked like a world beater at the Toronto Pro.

The Olympia. It’s the reason that every bodybuilder steps on stage, the reason why they struggle day in and day out to make even the smallest improvements to their physique. In order to get the chance to compete against the best of the best, a competitor must earn the points necessary to step on stage at the biggest pro show of the year. With his big win at the Toronto pro, Terrence Ruffin has punched his ticket to the big show.

After coming in sixth place at the 2017 Olympia, Terrence Ruffin is looking to make a big impression this year and climb to the top of the division. His willingness to put in order work and push himself to the limit has carried Terrence Ruffin far in his budding career. His posing technique has also been one of his biggest strengths.

With his impressive showing at the 2018 Toronto Pro, Ruffin is looking better than ever and it shows in his posing ability.

Terrence Ruffin remained humble in victory and posted this to his Instagram page.

With his great posing and solid physique, Terrence Ruffin appears destined for big things in the Classic Physique division.

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