The Biggest Differences Between US and Foreign Anabolic Steroid Use PART: 1

The Biggest Differences Between US and Foreign Anabolic Steroid Use PART: 1

One of the most omnipresent elements of bodybuilding is Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid (AAS) use; however, it’s not only very narrow-minded but very incorrect to assume that AAS use among bodybuilders is identical to the types of use you see overseas. just as with anything, certain things are more popular in certain parts of the world. in this article I’m going to be addressing the first of two main differences between US based AAS use and that which you might find in Europe or the Middle East or South America.

The first and foremost distinction between PED use in the bodybuilding community in the US and abroad is the legality surrounding it. Naturally, in countries in which anabolic steroids are not illegal, you will find that information about their use takes on a different structure which we will elaborate on below, and the materials being sold are of pharmaceutical grade.

The other major difference, which will be elaborated upon in Part Two of this article, is the tendency of US bodybuilders to emphasize high-dose test above all; heavy tren use, and a fascination with orals. These factors which we take for granted as US bodybuilders are not universally true, and it could seriously benefit us to become a bit more aware of what those in the Middle East, Russia, and South America are doing.

The first major difference in bodybuilding culture surrounding gear use that you’ll notice when you travel abroad is that not all countries have such draconian laws governing steroid use, and in fact in much of the world the use of AAS is either not a crime or is a minor offense, unlike in the US, in which it is often treated as a criminal drug offense. Much of South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia have no such laws, and a person can simply walk into a pharmacy and buy their AAS.

A very interesting phenomenon that I’ve noticed in foreign locales is that people tend to be more conservative with dosages and use the sort of gear which is typically most often used in medicine. I imagine that this has a lot to do with the benefit people in countries in which steroids are legal in that they can simply walk into the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for advice on the drugs they are purchasing; some even consult their doctors. I actually witnessed a Mexican pharmacist talk a young man out of buying both Testosterone Cypionate and Deca Durabolin, and the pharmacist assured him that he would grow on a 400mg a week dose of test, and that adding another unnecessary compound as a beginner would just complicate identifying side effects you are prone to and adjust future cycles accordingly.

Personally, I think that beginners getting their first cycle advice from pharmacists and doctors is in general a better system than learning from random individuals on internet forums. With the stigma removed from open discussion of AAS use, even in gyms (in which no one cares if you’re natty or not), there seems to be a friendlier and less secretive attitude towards PEDs. This isn’t to say that there isn’t misinformation all over the parts of South America in which AAS is legal, but the need to go through a pharmacist first at the very least educates those who come into it all totally ignorant.

Another advantage AAS legality lends is the availability of pharma grade PEDs. And I have said before, I think top pharma quality AAS can be found in the US, but it usually costs a premium, let alone being covered by insurance! Knowing that what you are buying is indeed Bayer Anadrol-50 is not only safer, but it is generally more effective than poorly made bathtub gear made with Chinese raws, like a lot of up and coming bodybuilders rely on.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 where Nick Trigili delves even deeper into anabolic steroid use and it’s differences in use and distribution in foreign countries.

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