How social media is seriously affecting pro bodybuilding careers.

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Social media is changing everything in every single industry and even in our way of life as human beings. Bodybuilding as an industry is not immune to these changes. But the question is how deeply is social media changing bodybuilding and is it for better or worse? Nick Trigili breaks this down in detail in our latest episode of The Bodybuilding Coach.

Specifically, Nick dives deep into how social media can affect a pro bodybuilding career and their chances at winning bodybuilding shows and getting sponsored. Can a bodybuilder be completely off social media and still eventually become Mr. Olympia? In theory, yes of course, as it’s all about the pure talent and build of your physique… but in practice it might be a completely different story. Public persona can easily sway what we believe to be an indifferent opinion of someone – even the way they look.

So what does Nick think after his years of being in the bodybuilding industry? Watch the latest episode of The Bodybuilding Coach above and find out!

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