The internet has made cookie cutter training and diet programs more common. You should avoid them.

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We all want answers. We want to know the trick, or the secret, or the “best” way to do something so that we can maximize our time and succeed faster and more proficiently than ever. The internet helps us a lot in that regard. We can now get information as fast as snapping a finger – and this has led to us improving our lives in many different ways.

But of course with every good thing come the grifters. The people who see an opportunity to take advantage of a new technology and of people who are desperately seeking ways to perfect and optimize their life. Specifically – to improve their life in the fastest way possible.

This is where cookie cutter diets and cookie cutter training programs come in. In the bodybuilding world, the “secret” mentality still applies. People want the “top 5 chest exercises” or “the secret to getting bigger gains.” People want the “get rich quick” equivalent of perfecting their physiques. Cookie cutter programs are designed to work for everyone and give results to everyone – but life is never that simple.

This week, Nick Trigili breaks down exactly why these all-encompassing cookie cutter diet and training programs should be avoided and why they often fail to meet the needs of individuals – especially those interested in bodybuilding specifically. Check it out in this week’s episode of The Bodybuilding Coach above!

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