Series Premiere: Nick Trigili debunks the biggest misconceptions about bodybuilding.

THE BODYBUILDING COACH – is a weekly digital series hosted by Nick Trigili that breaks down the biggest topics, training guides, nutrition tips, and realities behind supplements & drugs in bodybuilding. Based off of a perfect balance of research and personal experience, Nick will go in-depth about how the new era of bodybuilding works with tried, true, and valuable information that is rarely discussed elsewhere. New episodes air every Wednesday.

Information is a problem in the digital age of bodybuilding. It’s often hard to discern what is actual fact vs some random guy’s personal opinion. These days everyone is a guru and articles can often mislead readers into thinking the author is a credited person in the field. YouTube videos come out in the hundreds every single day – all claiming to help you better understand training, nutrition, and supplementation.

That’s why Nick Trigili is here with The Bodybuilding Coach. He’s made a name for himself in recent years for giving not only his honest opinion but also the honest truth about how things really work with bodybuilding in the new era. In a way that bodybuilding magazines are falling behind. That’s why to start in our premiere episode, Nick dispels some widely misunderstood concepts behind bodybuilding.

Misinformation is spread every single day, and Nick Trigili wants to clear the air by debunking the biggest misconceptions about bodybuilding. Some common stereotypes and others are ones that you may not expect.

In future episodes Nick will dive deeper into vital concepts, training routines, nutrition diets, and the realities behind supplementation and drugs that are widely used in the sport. With a mixture of honest research and personal experience – Nick will bridge the gap of science and experience. Check out the first episode above!

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