Is there a time when it’s worth giving up?

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Bodybuilding is all about dedication and strength (both inside and out). It’s about pushing yourself past limits to make a change in your body and your health. But when you start talking about the world of professional bodybuilding – things get a bit more complicated. The core attributes are the same, but now you are trying to be the best in the world. You are trying to earn your right to compete and become champion among other equally hungry competitors.

To start that journey, you need to earn a pro card. But is there a time when you should put your dreams of a pro card aside and just focus on the art of bodybuilding itself? When is the right time to call it quits on a life in the pro circuit? Is there EVER a right time to quit?

Nick Trigili breaks down exactly what kind of dedication it takes to earn your pro card and discusses a variety of scenarios in which you may be faced with the choice – continue to push on or quit? It’s all about what bodybuilding means to you. What your goals are. And if you are still finding yourself having fun and being passionate about the lifestyle.

Is there a time when quitting is acceptable? And are you someone who struggles with answering that question on your quest for the pro card? Then you should watch this week’s episode of The Bodybuilding Coach above!

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