As an avid member of the Generation Iron movement, you already know this, but we feel it’s important to stress the importance of this day not only in the health and fitness community, but also in the history of the world…

The Generation Iron Limited Edition Director’s Cut DVD release marks the first time since the 1970’s that a documentary exploring the lives of the best bodybuilders in the world has become available to the public for home viewing… and a lot has changed since then.

Over the last 30 years, the sport of bodybuilding has seen an evolution to new levels of human growth. Optimized workout routines and scientific advances in muscle building supplementation have propelled us to never before seen muscle sizes. And these bigger physics don’t come without larger than life personalities.

Generation Iron is a riveting cinematic experience that delves far beyond bodybuilding and fitness culture. As film critic Ernest Hardy puts it, the film is a “Gorgeous Mediation on Age-Old Existential concerns” (Miami New Times). The limited edition director’s cut is a must-have for everyone. Buy it now!


GI Team
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