The Lu Row Is The Secret Weaopon You Should Be Doing Today

lu row

An unstoppable exercise for building the back

Finding new ways to put on muscle mass is a constant for any avid bodybuilder or gym goer that is looking to get bigger. No one can remain content with their usual routine, going through the motions day after day with no overload, and expect to see the kind of progress of a pro bodybuilder. It’s all about switching things up, not just changing sets and reps but also introducing new exercises into your routine in order to see continued progression. Sticking to the same routine can be convenient, there’s no doubting that. But convenience can easily lend itself to stagnation, making your muscles stop its steady progression. When that happens it means it’s time to shake things up a bit.

For many bodybuilders their main focus is on building the front of their bodies, particularly when they first set out on their lifting journey. You’ll see newer gym goers hitting the bench press and working on their abs constantly, and while it is great that they are getting in the gym and have a goal, the more experienced bodybuilders understand that what’s worked on in the front must be emphasized on what’s behind as well, particularly the back. If you have a well defined back then it can easily bring together your upper body making for an aesthetic form and a complete physique.

When it comes to back exercises there are tons of different techniques to choose from. The classic dumbbell row will activate the muscles in your back quite nicely. The same can be said for pull ups and lat pull downs. But in the spirit of finding something new, there’s another great exercise for building up your back that you may not be trying.

The Lu Row

The Lu Row, named after the Olympic Gold Medalist Lu Xiaojun, is a great exercise to gain an aesthetic back. The movement is a combination of different exercises and technique. Essentially the technique requires the lifter to have a round back, holding the barbell with a snatch grip, pulling from the ground like a deadlift and finally rowing at the end. Sounds a bit complicated I know, but check out Lu’s form as he performs the technique as a warm up before competition.

This exercise, which almost mimics the popular Pendlay Row (named after the late Glenn Pnedlay) is less about the amount of weight that you are moving and more about the technique and form, so be sure to use a lighter weight when performing it. It’s always good to try something new so give it a shot.

Wrap Up

Overall, the Lu Row is definitely something to add to the aresenal if you are looking for a good back exercise to really help sculp the muscles and improve your overall aesthetic. While it may not be the biggest mass builder, you are able to get a good pump and mind-muscle connection during this movement.

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Dylan Wolf
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