How PJ Braun’s biological father and step-father helped make him a muscle mogul.

THE MUSCLE MOGUL – is a digital series starring PJ Braun, a bodybuilder and daring business entrepreneur. Fast cars, wild animals, powerful guns, and big business are all commonplace in PJ’s life. But after his company was raided by the FDA and a nasty divorce, PJ found himself at the end of his rope. This is the story of how he persevered and became one of the most exciting and luxurious bodybuilding business owners in the industry. New episodes air every Friday.

PJ Braun is one of the most go getter and hard working bodybuilders and entrepreneurs in bodybuilding. It’s how he became not only a muscle mogul and president of Blackstone Labs but was also able to maintain a mass monster physique. But like all people he didn’t start out that way. In his youth he was an overweight kid who desperately wanted to try bodybuilding… but for a while his father wouldn’t allow it.

In the third episode of The Muscle Mogul, PJ Braun gives us a further tour of Blackstone Labs, specifically his massive collection of expensive and fast cars. As he details the wealth he has amassed – he reflects back to his childhood and how both his biological father and later his step father instilled within him the attributes that would eventually enable him to overcome barriers and transform not only his body but his entire lifestyle.

It’s that same power that gave him the strength to overcome his recent hardships with his divorce and the FDA raid. If it wasn’t for his father and step father throughout his life, he perhaps wouldn’t be standing were he is today.

Check out the full episode of The Muscle Mogul above!

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