Brian Shaw Deadlifts Over 1700 lbs Until His Nose Bleeds

Strength Wars Movie

Bloody Throwback…

If you think you lift hard, you need to watch this video. Back in 2012, strongman Brian Shaw did something not many people can, he added a couple truck tires (8 to be exact) to the end of a barbell and lifted it for fun. But after deadlifting over 1700 lbs for 1 rep, a very different reaction happened. Instead of breaking wind or throwing up, the winner of 3 World Strongman decided he would lift until his nose bled!

With the determination of a Lion, Shaw decided he would not be denied the title of World’s Strongest man and literally deadlifted 1704 lbs for the win, until his nose cascaded with blood. A little scary for some, Brian Shaw’s attitudes looks like it’s just another day in the office.

While most of us claim we give it 100%, are you really taking your workout to that level? Us human’s are a funny breed. We’re the only species that workout just for the fun of it, that push ourselves to the brink, simply to test our limits, simply because we can.

Check out Brian Shaw’s superman feat below and watch him push himself to the brink.

Are you impressed by Brian Shaw’s feat of strength?

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