The Rock Shows Off New Workout To Build Massive Quads Ahead Of Role In ‘Black Adam’

Quad Workout

The Rock continues to share different workouts on hoot build incredible size.

The Rock is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood — in terms of both status and physical size. With his DC movie Black Adam preparing to hit theaters, The Rock is making sure his physique is in shape. He recently shared a quad workout to build size while wearing a shirt to advertise his movie.

The Rock has shown off many exercises that he has cooked up at his Iron Paradise. Dwayne Johnson has one of the best home gyms that you will see and he takes advantage of it often. During his workouts, The Rock has preached control and technique when performing reps.

In his recent post, Johnson shared a huge quad workout that will pump legs immediately.

Image via Instagram @therock
Image via Instagram @therock

The Rock Shows Off Black Adam Workout

The Rock took on five rounds of step ups. He began holding dumbbells at his side but then put the weight down and continued to bang out reps.

“Memphis heat 🔥
5 rounds.


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This is a strong exercise for developing strength in legs. The Rock has always made sure to keep his physique balanced and strong in many ways. Over the years, he has maintained an impressive physique and continues to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson decided to workout with his shirt that read “Black Adam Training.” His  training for the role began months ago and it is clear that The Rock is continuing to train with this mindset.


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At 50 years old, The Rock remains a fitness icon and an inspiration to those who want to get better in the gym. Dwayne Johnson has always been able to improve his physique for movie roles and that is continuing now.

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