The Rock Shows Off His Epic Cheat Meal

The Rock has an epic cheat meal.

It’s that one time of the week that every athlete looks forward to. The time when after days of arduous training that you get to finally relax and enjoy yourself without adhering to some strict diet guidelines. The cheat meal is one of the most exciting times of the week where you get to indulge in the goodness that you’d usually have to avoid at all costs.

For every athlete the cheat meal is different. Some opt for the incredibly unhealthy choice, something lathered in grease and saturated fats. Others choose a healthier option that is less likely to throw their body out of wack. It appears that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson tends to choose the lesser of two evils for his cheat meals.

This past Sunday saw the former wrestler turned acting superstar enjoy one of his epic cheat meals. The Rock has been known to go all out on his meals, so getting an opportunity to see what he eats for his cheat day is truly intriguing.

If you’re a follower of The Rock, you may notice a theme when it comes to his cheat meals.

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