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INTERPOL is cracking down on this dangerous supplement.

When it comes to bodybuilding and fitness the question of anabolic substances like steroids will always arise. It’s definitely a touchy subject in the bodybuilding world. The question always arises as to who is using within the industry? If you can get as ripped as the pros without it? What are the drawbacks of using anabolic substances? The questions are pretty standard, but are definitely important for those who are considering on getting some added help.

Besides steroids, the other big topic of interest in the fitness community is without a doubt diet and fat burning pills. Many people seek out any edge they can get when it comes to meeting their fitness goals and the use of diet and fat burning pills is another avenue that is well traveled. The question is are all these forms of medication dangerous for you? Well it seems that there’s at least one diet drug on the market that can be incredibly lethal.

DNP, 2.4-dinitrophenol, has been red flagged by INTERPOL as a potentially lethal substance. Used as a dieting and bodybuilding aid, it appears that DNP has been the cause of a number of recent deaths. Originally used in the 1930’s to boost metabolism and weight loss, DNP has also been linked as raw materials found in explosives. If you ask us that has potential death written all over it. It is one of the failings of trying to get faster results that the potential for danger can be off the charts. If you’re going to take supplements then you should be absolutely certain of the negative side effects not just the positives.


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