This Bodybuilder’s Crazy Gyno Will Have You Second Guess Taking Steroids

Gyno definitely isn’t pretty.

Often times most bodybuilders will tell you that they’ll do whatever it takes to build muscle, that they’ll make the sacrifices needed to be able to make massive gains and change their physique for the better. There seems to be a single-mindedness to the entire process of building massive muscle and reality you have to have that kind of mindset if you hope to make an impressive run in this industry. It takes obsession to be great at something and bodybuilding is no different. But there are consequences to adhering that frame of thought.

When it comes to making massive gains there are tons of different products and supplements on the market that will give your training an added boost. There’s creatine, there’s protein shakes, both of which are fairly common in many athlete’s diets. However, the most controversial of all is undoubtedly anabolic steroids. Besides the fact that the substance is considered to be banned in most sporting events, it can truly boost a person’s muscle growth. There are many people out there, a great deal of which don’t even compete, that choose to use anabolic steroids as a means of getting themselves into massive, shredded condition. There’s just one problem though; a lot of them don’t know what they’re doing.

Many of them choose to take massive amounts of steroids or testosterone booster believing the more they take the better. The unfortunate truth for those individuals is that they’re doing themselves massive harm. Taking so much boosters is likely to backfire in the long run. More than likely the body will produce so much testosterone through the use of the substance that eventually the body will naturally up the estrogen, resulting in gynecomastia also loving called manboobs or gyno. Think you’re safe from the effects of abusing steroids? Then take a look at this bodybuilder’s severe case and consider rethinking your approach.

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