This Classic Kevin Levrone Pic is Absolutely Epic!

Kevin Levrone had a statuesque physique!

One of the best bodybuilders of his era, Kevin Levrone is considered by many to be the uncrowned Olympia king. That kind of status and potential led him to making a return to the stage back in 2016. The hunger to compete and prove the doubters wrong was one the most compelling stories of the 2016 Olympia and while he may not have crushed the competition, his confidence and determination were to be admired.

Now that it seems he had hung it up for good, Kevin Levrone still has an incredible body of work he can look back on and be proud of.
As a bodybuilder, photo shoots are apart of the game, one that a high level competitor can’t ignore. As such, Kevin Levrone has quite a few images of him posing in his younger years, showing exactly why he was considered one of the best of the best in his heyday. Take a look at the pic below and try not to mistake Kevin Levrone for a statue.


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