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Let’s celebrate Independence Day like Hulk Hogan: a real American.

July 4th is just one day away and we have no doubt that most people will be celebrating the independence of our nation by eating hot dogs, cheeseburgers, fries, and, most of all, beer. That last one could spell doom for a bodybuilder’s gains. But unless you’re a professional bodybuilder looking to enter a competition, then you should consider taking it easy. Have some burgers, have some hotdogs, but make sure it’s all within reason. Look at it this way, Saturday will simply be a cheat day for you. By Monday’s end you should back to fighting form unless you completely lose your mind.

Besides, there’s no Fourth of July without a good old fashioned American barbeque. Like the rest of you – all of us here at GI will be enjoying some good old fashioned Independence Day celebrations today. So let’s all suck it up for one day and be a real American. And who better to help us celebrate than one of the most iconic wrestlers in the business. He might not be a bodybuilder per say… but he does know how to celebrate American Independence in the best possible way. Enjoy and get at those gains tomorrow!

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