This Is What Happens When You Have The Wrong Training Partner

Sometimes your training partner is just too much.

What makes a great training partner? Is it the work ethic that they have, the kind that’s able to inspire you to push past your limits? Is it their dedication to a common goal? Is it their ability to keep that heavy barbell from crushing your chest when you just can’t do another rep? Maybe it’s all of those or maybe it’s none. Picking a training partner can truly be a tricky bit of business.

Sometimes you’d like to choose one of your friends who have similar athletic goals, but it’s rare that your goals will match up with theirs exactly. Even if it does there’s the chance that they slow you down in the gym or, more preferably, you slow them down. If you’re in the latter group at least you can count on having a bar to rise to, a goal to push yourself to the point that you’re on the same level as your training buddy.

What about finding complete strangers to train with? In theory it sounds like a horrible idea. In practice it can turn out being one of the best training decisions you’ve ever made. Not only could you find someone that matches your intensity, you can potentially learn a great deal from someone who is either more experienced or has a different training philosophy.

Ultimately the truth of the matter is that the perfect training partner is going to be someone who fits into your routine smoothly. Whether that means someone with more experience, someone with a great deal of dedication, or someone to motivate you to do the things you didn’t think were possible. But beware of that last one; motivation is a tricky thing and depending on your training partner may get turned up to 11 when 8 would do.

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