Generation Iron Kai Greene Posing

Kai Greene posing just after Olympia weekend.

With the drama circulating around the 2015 Olympia event, many fans and observers were wondering if they’d ever see Kai Greene take to an IFBB posing stage again. To some that may seem a bit far fetched, even dramatic, but the truth of the matter is that Kai hadn’t competed all year and the one time he was expected to… he was unfortunately unable to compete. The reasoning behind his decision to skip the competition is still murky at best, but facts are facts. Kai didn’t compete and now that Phil Heath has been crowned champion once again it’s time for bodybuilding fans to look to the future.

With Lee Thompson set to create his own bodybuilding federation, the rumor mill has been buzzing. Many started to believe that Kai Greene would be leaving the IFBB and possibly throwing in his chips with Thompson and his new organization NPC Global. To some it may sound like baseless speculation and even ludicrous to consider. But no one thought that Kai would pull a shocker and skip out on competing at the Olympia. It’s becoming more and more obvious that these days you can’t count on things going the way you’d expect.

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But there’s still the question that’s been circulating through the bodybuilding community before, during, and now after the Olympia. Will Kai Greene continue to compete under the IFBB banner? Well it seems as if we have our answer. “The Predator” took to his official Instagram page to drop the details on when and where people could see him on a posing stage next. Take a look below.

While this is just a guest posing – we’ll finally be able to see Kai’s Olympia-worthy physique on stage where it belongs. Some may question why Kai had chosen to skip the Olympia only to compete at the Arnold Classic Europe just a week removed (assuming that his lack of competing was his choice, indeed). Whatever the reasoning, Kai Greene fans can now take a calming breath and wait patiently for the talented bodybuilder to once again take to the stage.

What’s more exciting – is the fact that if Kai Greene chooses to compete in Olympia next year… he’ll have to qualify the old fashioned way. Which mean’s we will see Kai compete for his place at the Mr. Olympia. So we’ll keep our eyes open for his next appearance after the ACE.

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