This New Pro Tan Innovation Could Completely Change The Pro Bodybuilding Game

Pro Tan has made a new innovation.

Pro Tan is a company synonymous with bodybuilding. Since making their mark on the sport back in 1987, Pro Tan has been the premiere competition tanning application used by some of the best of the best in bodybuilding.

Since the 80s, Pro Tan has stuck with their tried and true formula, a concoction applied to the skin of an athlete that will bring a more defined look to their physique. But like any other powerhouse company, Pro Tan is looking to innovate and bring their products to the next level.

Enter Pro Tan Super Dark Competition Color.

Pro Tan has tweaked their formula to come up with a new tanning spray meant to give competitors a darker, deeper tan when they step on stage. The people have requested it and as always Pro Tan delivers with this new innovation. Check out the statement from Mr. Pro Tan himself, Stacy Kaufman.

🚨NEW PRODUCT ALERT!🚨 . Turn Up the Volume 👆 & Listen to @mrprotan! Here @protan_official, we recently launched Pro Tan® Super Dark Competition Color®!🙀 . This Revolutionary Formula combines our Original Competition Tanning Formula with the addition of Super Dark Instant Bronzers to give you that deep, dark winning look.💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽 . This unique, super dark streak-free formula is formulated with a built-in skin prep for maximum absorption allowing your tan to develop full in as little as four hours.⏱ It is Streak-Free, Applies Evenly, and Dries Quickly — What could be better?🤷🏽‍♂️ . SWIPE ⬅️ to see our Tanning Expert @elysaweissbaum use this Super Dark Competition Color® on #teamprotan Athlete @geobannypaula! And then SWIPE ⬅️ again to see Geobanny’s TANSformation (with just one coat)! Questions about Super Dark?🙋🏻‍♀️ Ask below! Go with the Pros @protan_official!🏆

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For more information about everything Pro Tan – check out their official website right here.

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