THROWBACK: Larry Wheels Shows INSANE Strength! Does 315 Lbs Overhead Press For Multiple Reps!

Larry Wheels possesses a different level of strength.

We all know that powerlifting is a different beast than bodybuilding. But whether you’re a powerlifting fan or not, you have to appreciate just how impressive it is to obtain an inhuman amount of strength through consistent training and hard work.

Larry Wheels is the definition of power. He not only is a champion powerlifter, but he’s also built a powerful physique worthy of the bodybuilding stage. With his sights set on becoming the World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder, Larry Wheels continues to push himself and strive for more strength and physique gains.

We’ve seen him pull off some pretty insane lifts before, but never an overhead press, one of the more difficult lifts to perform. The overhead press can completely wreck your shoulders if you don’t have the strength and stability to pull off the movement. But Larry Wheels isn’t your average human being. For him, a 315 Lbs overhead press for reps is simply light work. Take a look at this awesome feat of strength.

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What do you think of the insane strength of Larry Wheels?

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