Hafthor Bjornsson Defeats Devon Larratt By Technical Knockout

Thor Bjornsson defeated Devon Larratt and this is how you can watch!

2018 World’s Strongest Man Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson will do battle this weekend against multiple-time arm wrestling champion Devon Larratt. It’s a showdown of strength athletes that no one thought they’d see.

In what was supposed to be a battle between strongman rivals Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson has now taken a different turn. After suffering a bicep injury, Hall was forced to withdraw from the match leaving Thor without an opponent for their proposed September showdown. That is until arm wrestler Devon Larratt stepped up to the plate.

The battle set to take place in Dubai should be a battle of heavy hitters. Thor Bjornsson has been working on his boxing skills with consistency for over a year and a half now and has made some great strides. The skills he’s been able to build have been truly impressive and show that he has more than enough talent to acquit himself well against professional boxers. Devon Larratt on the other hand has little to no boxing experience.

The champion arm wrestler recently admitted he’s a terrible boxer ahead of his match with Thor Bjornsson. While arm wrestlers are known for their immense strength, you need more than power to be able to be a successful boxer. Devon Larratt certainly has a uphill battle ahead of him.


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Here’s How You Can Watch The Match

The match, including eight other bouts, is available on pay-per-view on CoreSports.world for $9.99 plus tax. Take a glimpse at the full fight card below.


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Who won the battle of the strength sport giants?

Thor Bjornsson and Devon Larratt went to war this past Saturday. The two fought admirably, but as time went on Bjornsson showed the difference in skill with his sharper technical ability.

Thor Bjornsson defeated Devon Larratt by TKO in round one.

Thor Vs. Larratt Quick Results:

Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt — Bjornsson def. Larratt by TKO in Round One
Jacob Heppner vs. Josh Bridges — Heppner def. Bridges by unanimous decision
Anthony de Bruijn vs. Giorgi Gachechiladze — de Brujin def. Gachechiladze by unanimous decision
Martin Bakole vs. Haruna Osumanu — Bakole def. Osumanu by KO in Round One
Stefi Cohen vs. Marcela Nieto — Majority draw
Avril Mathie vs. Jesca Mfinanga — Mathie def. Mfinaga by unanimous decision

Did you tune in for the fights?

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