Florida TikToker Says LA Fitness Member Followed Her Home & Assaulted Her

A recent TikTok went viral after woman claims that she was followed home and assaulted.

A Florida TikToker shared a recent video claiming that a man followed her home from an LA Fitness and assaulted her. At first, the particular LA Fitness did not ban this member from the gym or take any action but the woman has spoken to the company since.

Jessi Balter, or @jessibalter on TikTok, shared a video on Dec. 11. In less than two weeks, the video has received 6.9 million views and close to 7,000 comments. In the 25 second video, Balter shows what she was wearing on the day of the incident and explains that there was no course of action taken.

“What I was wearing:

the day a man followed me home from the gym and into my apartment.

I reported the incident to LA Fitness and they refused to ban him.

How can they care more about a contract than their own member’s safety???” Balter wrote on screen in the video.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident at a gym in recent weeks. Another instance went viral after a TikToker shared a video where a strange man is seen spotting a woman while bench pressing without her consent. The woman claimed that this ‘gym creep’ was following her around the gym prior to this.

For Balter, the situation was a bit more serious as she was followed home. Last week, Balter took to TikTok to post an update on the situation. She said she spoke to the district manager of LA Fitness in South Florida following the breakout of her video.

Balter explains how the manager was kind and offered her a refund for what she was unable to use. Also, how LA Fitness would cooperate if Balter wanted to take further action against the man.

“I basically explained to him what happened in full detail and I told him who I spoke to after the incident and how they reacted to me and how the situation was just not handled the way it should have been. He agreed,” the tiktoker said.

“He basically asked what else I wanted him to do to make the situation right. I told him, I thought it was really important that he read through the comments and became aware of what has been happening at these facilities around the country…He told me that I have their full support if I wanted to reach out to law enforcement. They would be fully cooperative and help me out there.

If someone comes up and reports they are unsafe in the gym. They feel like someone is following them, a man said something to them, a man touched them — this is not something to report on their account. They should be given some sort of reperscussion. They need to be kicked out of the gym or sent to a different gym.”

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